Roche Arab Health
Trade Show Experiential Booth

The Forest Room
Interactive Experiential Zone
The forest room was the crown jewel of the booth. Tucked away behind a waterfall, guests were provided with wireless noise canceling headsets. A narrator guides the guests through the living forest. Within the forest the guests would encounter four interactive stations, that were decorated to blend with the natural setting. Each custom build station had content associated with it, as users interacted with the stations they reacted to their touch. Each station represented Roche's key pillars, from compliance to research, guests had a chance to experience the brand on an intimate level. The realism was further enhanced with scent machines, and a taste experience. This was truly a full sensory experience.
The Waterfall Lounge
A tranquil stop and a cup of coffee
The VIP zone of the booth was designed as a modern clean lounge area where an espresso greeted the guests, and a waterfall created an ambiance. Not letting an opportunity pass, the waterfall was transformed into a giant 12-meter water screen that “printed” messages, and welcomed visitors. This dynamic feature, changed colors and messages and animated basic designs in the water. The result was well received by guests, and the water fall was a discreet feature that transformed the whole experience.
The Reagents Wall
A product display with interactive terminals
The reagents wall, a product display with a design tied to the stand overall concept was supported with three touch web enabled terminals for an in-depth look at the displayed products. This piece was created to showcase the reagents portfolio of Roche diagnostics, and the approach used describes the relationships of the products and labels them, while maintain a clean modern aesthetic. The terminal design follows the main design theme of the booth while maintaining a perfect view and functionality for the user.

Sketches & technical drawings
The Roche Diagnostics Middle East stand at the 2016 Arab Health exhibition exemplified taking a marketing strategy and incorporating it into the DNA of the stand.
The Lab section of the stand was used for exhibiting the new cobas machines. These assets were marketed under the banner of creativity. We tried to capture the essence of connectivity so we created giant hanging LED screens that, at first, seemed to crisscross over the machines. The content on the screens displayed graphics that illustrated two key aspects: Microbiology and Advanced interconnectivity.
The hanging LED screens formed half of the hexagon whose shape merged with the control desks of the lab machines. We brought the technological aspect of the cobas machines to life, and maintained the integrity of the clinical Roche look and feel.
The second major section of the RDME Arab Health 2016 stand was a secret forest room. Tucked away behind a waterfall we constructed a real forest. Within the Forest Room, four interactive stations were created that formed the path that Roche’s guests walked through while listening to a narrator via headsets.
Each station portrayed a value that Roche wanted to convey to their guests. There are values at Roche which form the natural foundation of the company.  Natural is authentic. Natural is true. Natural is harmonious. When customers walked through the forest being educated on Roche’s fundamental values, they experienced a surreal environment that cemented these values in their hearts and minds.
The Forest Room is enclosed with a wall-to-wall Waterfall that greeted visitors not only through a multicolored water display, but with the Roche logo and messaging such as “Welcome to Arab Health” were created in the water fall.
Arab Health visitors are keen on viewing everything healthcare industry manufacturers offer. The reagent wall supplemented the innovative machines on display by allowing Roche to display all their reagents in an easy to view manner. In fact, the actual reagents were built in to one massive wall connected by the Roche ‘subway map’.

Creative Direction, Production - Hadi Awili
Project Development - Ammar Kayyali
Art Direction, Print Design, 3D design - Tiago Mourato
Motion Graphics Art Direction - Melo Infante
Graphic Design, Water Graphics, CAD - Pedro Severo Gomes

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